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110mm Soil Pipe & Fittings

110mm Soil Pipe & Fittings
110mm Soil Pipe & Fittings


Image Product Colour Code Price
1m Plain Ended Pipe W S204 £6.46
3m Plain Ended Pipe WGB S505 £16.28
  4m Plain Ended Pipe GB S506 £23.07
2m Socketed Pipe GB S507 £13.49
  3m Socketed Pipe WGB S508 £17.63
4m Socketed Pipe GB S509 £24.57
  Single Socket WGB S208 £4.50
  Slip Coupling WGB S211 £7.37
  Pipe Bracket WGB S219 £1.73
  Socket Bracket WGB S220


  Boss Pipe Spigot Tail WGB S244 £6.25
110mm Soil Short Boss Pipe 32mm WGB S216 £3.51
110mm Soil Short Boss Pipe 40mm WGB S215 £3.51
110mm Soil Short Boss Pipe 50mm GB S218 £3.51
  Strap Boss 50mm Spigot (bolt not included) WGB S343 £3.05
Soil Manifold G S200 £17.60
Access Pipe Sovent Socket WGB S310 £8.92
  Access Pipe Spigot Tail GB S309 £15.78
Socket Plug G S214 £4.32
  Access Cap Spigot Tail GB S246 £7.37
Access Cap Solvent Socket Tail G S667 £7.37
92.5° Adaptor Bend G S323 £8.49
104° Adaptor Bend G S324 £8.49
92.5° Access Bend WGB S326 £21.61
  92.5° Bend Spigot Tail WGB S322 £10.06
  92.5° Bend Solvent Socket Tail G S319 £10.28
104° Bend Spigot Tail G S325 £10.28
  135° Bend Spigot Tail WGB S331 £10.06
92.5° Bend Double Solvent Socket GB S293 £9.46
135° Bend Double Solvent Socket GB S294 £9.46
92.5° Long Spigot Tail Solvent Socket GB S299 £8.53
Adjustable Bend 5° to 30° G S329 £11.75
  112.5° Offset Bend Double Socket WGB S270 £10.06
112.5° Offset Bend Single Socket WGB S271 £8.79
Access Branch GB S281 £24.49
92.5° Tee WGB S269 £15.38
  104° Tee GB S272 £15.72
135° Y Branch G S278 £15.19
X Tee GB S295 £39.54
Corner Branch G S296 £62.01
Air Admittance Valve W S450 £18.50
Polystyrene Insulator W S451 £2.22
  110mm to 50mm Waste Adaptor G S264 £6.88
110mm to 82mm Soil Adaptor GB S633 £8.54
110mm to 32/40mm Flexible Adaptor B DS25 £5.41
  Vent Cowl WGB S355 £2.09
  Weathering Collar WGB S358 £2.81
  Extract Cover GB RV592 £16.51
  457mm x 457mm Pitched Aluminium Slate   S594 £18.89
  610mm x 610mm Pitched Aluminium Slate   S596 £32.13
  406mm x 406mm Flat Aluminium Slate   S590 £18.89
  250ml Silicone Lubricant   SC966 £5.31