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110mm Soil Pipe & Fittings

110mm Soil Pipe & Fittings
110mm Soil Pipe & Fittings


Image Product Colour Code  
1m Plain Ended Pipe W S204  
3m Plain Ended Pipe WGB S505  
  4m Plain Ended Pipe GB S506  

2m Socketed Pipe

GB S507  
  3m Socketed Pipe WGB S508  
4m Socketed Pipe GB S509  
  Single Socket WGB S208  
  Slip Coupling WGB S211  
  Pipe Bracket WGB S219  
  Socket Bracket WGB S220  
  Boss Pipe Spigot Tail WGB S24  
110mm Soil Short Boss Pipe 32mm WGB S216  
110mm Soil Short Boss Pipe 40mm WGB S215  
110mm Soil Short Boss Pipe 50mm GB S218  
  Strap Boss 50mm Spigot (bolt not included) WGB S343  
Soil Manifold G S200  
Access Pipe Sovent Socket WGB S310  
  Access Pipe Spigot Tail GB S309  
Socket Plug G S214  
104° Adaptor Bend G S324  
92.5° Access Bend WGB S326  
  92.5° Bend Spigot Tail WGB S322  
  92.5° Bend Solvent Socket Tail G S319  
104° Bend Spigot Tail G S325  
  135° Bend Spigot Tail WGB S331  
92.5° Bend Double Solvent Socket GB S293  
135° Bend Double Solvent Socket GB S294  
92.5° Long Spigot Tail Solvent Socket      
Adjustable Bend 5° to 30° G S329  
  112.5° Offset Bend Double Socket WGB S270  
112.5° Offset Bend Single Socket WGB S271  
Access Branch GB S281  
92.5° Tee WGB S269  
  104° Tee GB S272  
135° Y Branch G S278  
X Tee GB S295  
Corner Branch G S296  
Air Admittance Valve W S450  
  110mm to 50mm Waste Adaptor G S264  
110mm to 82mm Soil Adaptor GB S633  
110mm to 32/40mm Flexible Adaptor B DS25  
  Vent Cowl WGB S355  
  Weathering Collar WGB S358  
  Extract Cover GB RV592  
  457mm x 457mm Pitched Aluminium Slate   S594  
  610mm x 610mm Pitched Aluminium Slate   S596  
  406mm x 406mm Flat Aluminium Slate   S590  
  250ml Silicone Lubricant   SC966