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Manhole Covers

Manhole Covers
Manhole Covers


Image Product Description Code  
600mm x 450mm 2.5 ton Galvanised MHC1  
600mm x 450mm 5 ton Galvanised MHC2  
600mm x 450mm 10 ton Galvanised MHC3  
  450mm Diameter PVC Inspection Chamber Lid PVC MHC7  
450mm Diameter 12.5 ton Cast Iron Inspection Chamber Lid Cast Iron MHC10  
  Reducer for 450mm Diameter Inspection Chamber PVC MHC14  
  600mm x 450mm Tray Bottom Cover Glavanised MHC4  
450mm Square to Round Galvanised MHC6  
600mm x 450mm Sealed & Locking Galvanised Cover Galvanised MHC8  
300mm Square to Round Recessed Cover PVC MHC9  
Chameleon Recessed Grass Cover PVC MHC13  
450mm Square Inspection Cover PVC MHC15  

320mm Diameter PVC Inspection Chamber Lid PVC CLARK06  
  600mm x 300mm Yard Gully 110mm Outlet PVC RG300/600  
  Yard Gully Grating & Frame 340mm x 305mm Bitumen Coated RG300GRID