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Manhole Covers

Manhole Covers
Manhole Covers


Image Product Description Code Price
600mm x 450mm 2.5 ton Galvanised MHC1 £11.58
600mm x 450mm 5 ton Galvanised MHC2 £16.88
600mm x 450mm 10 ton Galvanised MHC3 £23.42
  450mm Diameter PVC Inspection Chamber Lid PVC MHC7 £14.55
450mm Diameter 12.5 ton Cast Iron Inspection Chamber Lid Cast Iron MHC10 £35.40
  Reducer for 450mm Diameter Inspection Chamber PVC MHC14 £12.29
  600mm x 450mm Tray Bottom Cover Glavanised MHC4 £41.40
450mm Square to Round Galvanised MHC6 £33.87
600mm x 450mm Sealed & Locking Galvanised Cover Galvanised MHC8 £30.91
300mm Square to Round Recessed Cover PVC MHC9 £44.62
Chameleon Recessed Grass Cover PVC MHC13 £16.93
450mm Square Inspection Cover PVC MHC15 £31.52

320mm Diameter PVC Inspection Chamber Lid PVC CLARK06 £23.06
  600mm x 300mm Yard Gully 110mm Outlet PVC RG300/600 £45.90
  Yard Gully Grating & Frame 340mm x 305mm Bitumen Coated RG300GRID £53.95