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160mm Underground

160mm Underground
160mm Underground


Image Product Colour Code Price
Half Round gutter 160mm Plain Ended Pipe 6m Length G/B DS545 £39.81
half round fascia bracket

160mm Socketed Pipe 6m Length

G/B DS550 £33.61
Half Round 135dg Internal Gutter Angle 160mm Double Collar G/B DS409 £8.94
Half Round 90dg Internal Gutter Angle 160mm Slip Coupling G/B DS410 £11.62
Half Round 135dg External Gutter Angle 160mm Double Socket T Junction G/B DS427 £36.61
 Half Round Running Outlet 160mm Double Socket Y Junction G/B DS430 £36.61
160mm to 110mm Double Socket Reducing Y Junction G/B DS471 £30.70
160mm Access Cap Spigot Tail G/B DS421 £14.32
160mm Socket Plug G/B DS411 £9.15
160mm 87.5dg Single Socket Bend G/B DS403 £20.30
160mm 45.0dg Single Socket Bend G/B DS404 £20.30
160mm 30.0dg Single Socket Bend G/B DS418 £20.30

160mm 15.0dg Single Socket Bend

G/B DS408 £21.15
160mm 87.5dg Double Socket Bend G/B DS431 £21.11
160mm 45.0dg Double Socket Bend G/B DS432 £18.56
  160mm 87.5dg Long Radius Bend G/B DS556 £51.19
  160mm 45.0dg Long Radius Bend G/B DS558 £42.93

160mm to 110mm Reducer



  160mm Non Return Valve G/B DS442 £72.36
  Rubber Coupling (160-180 to 100-115) B MAC1801 £19.77
160mm Large Chamber Base B DS66 £58.78


160mm Chamber Base Seal (for DS66) B DS67 £11.58
 68mm/50mm Adaptor 250ml Silicone Lubricant   SC966 £4.79