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110mm Underground

110mm Underground
110mm Underground


Image Product Colour Code Price
Half Round gutter 110mm Plain Ended Pipe 3m Length G/B DS505 £10.16
Half Round gutter 110mm Plain Ended Pipe 6m Length G/B DS544 £22.06
half round fascia bracket

110mm Socketed Pipe 6m Length

G/B DS549 £12.49
half round external gutter angle 110mm Land Drainage Socketed Pipe 6m Length G/B DS546 £27.38
Half Round 135dg Internal Gutter Angle 110mm Double Socket G/B DS211 £3.79
Half Round 90dg Internal Gutter Angle 110mm Slip Coupling G/B DS212 £7.53
Half Round 135dg External Gutter Angle 110mm Double Socket T Junction G/B DS269 £10.33
110mm Double Socket Y Junction G/B DS278 £10.33
Half Round Stopend Outlet 110mm Triple Socket T Junction G/B DS672 £13.41
 Half Round External Stopend 110mm Triple Socket Y Junction G/B DS678 £13.41
110mm Access Cap Spigot Tail G/B DS246 £7.97
110mm Socket Plug G/B DS214 £5.98
110mm 87.5dg Access Bend G/B DS326 £24.34
110mm Rodding Point G/B DS670 £18.49
110mm Bottle Gully Sealed Lid B DS47 £24.01
110mm Access Pipe G/B DS309 £19.75
Drain Leaf Guard B DS500 £4.88
110mm Compact Rainwater Gully B DS42 £14.71
110mm to 82mm Reducer B R767 £2.17
110mm Square Hopper G/B DS3 £4.44
110mm Rectangular Hopper G/B DS7 £5.83
110mm Square Hopper Grid B DS20 £1.83
110mm Rectangular Hopper Back Inlet Plate B DS11 £2.45
110mm Square Access Plate B DS22 £11.44
150mm x 250mm Sealed Back Inlet Plate B DS10 £14.17
110mm P Trap Gully G/B DS1 £18.70
110mm Bottle Gully G/B DS46 £24.15
Bottle Gully Square Top B DS54 £7.02
Bottle Gully Lid B DS55 £2.71
110mm Bottle Gully Riser G/B DS48 £6.79
110mm Bottle Gully Sealed Lid B DS47


110mm 87.5dg Single Socket Bend G/B DS322 £8.08
110mm 45.0dg Single Socket Bend G/B DS331 £8.08
110mm 30.0dg Single Socket Bend G/B DS318 £8.08
110mm 20.0dg Single Socket Bend G/B DS696 £6.02
  110mm 10.0dg Single Socket Bend G/B DS697 £6.02
110mm 5-30dg Adjustable Single Socket Bend G/B DS329 £8.97
110mm 87.5dg Double Socket Bend G/B DS671 £8.08
110mm 45.0dg Double Socket Bend G/B DS676 £8.08
110mm 30.0dg Double Socket Bend G/B DS675 £7.18
110mm 20.0dg Double Socket Bend G/B DS674 £7.18
110mm 10.0dg Double Socket Bend G/B DS673 £7.18
  110mm 87.5dg Long Radius Bend G/B DS555 £23.03
  110mm 45.0dg Long Radius Bend G/B DS557 £20.28
  110mm 87.5dg Rest Bend G/B DS663 £13.52
  110mm to 82mm Reducer G/B DS633 £6.85
  110mm Non Return Valve G/B DS342 £63.27
  110mm Soil - Int Universal Connector G S121 £6.83
  110mm PVC - Old Clay Adaptor B DS350 £12.50
  110mm PVC - Supersleeve Adaptor G/B DS351 £11.69
  110mm Inspection Chamber to Thickwall Clay Adaptor B DS347 £6.62
  110mm Inspection Chamber to Thinwall Clay Adaptor B DS348 £6.62
  110mm Multipurpose Flexible Adaptor B DS24 £6.82
  110mm 32/40mm Rubber Adaptor B DS25 £5.77
  Rubber Coupling (121-136 to 100-115) B MAC1362 £7.89
110mm Large Chamber Base B DS50 £41.38
  110mm Chamber Blanking Plug B DS56 £1.86
  110mm Large Chamber Riser B DS58 £16.17
  110mm Large Chamber Cast Iron Cover & Frame B DS62 £28.09
  110mm Small Chamber Base B DS71 £23.03
  110mm Small Chamber Base Riser B DS72 £11.19
  110mm Aluminium Frame & Cover    DS39 £23.89
  110mm PVC Frame & Cover - Round B DS69 £25.33
  110mm PVC Frame & Cover - Square B DS68 £32.16
  110mm "O" Ring for DS39 B DS40 £6.13
  1m Drainage Channel, PVC Grating & Clips B CLARK01 £8.26
1m Drainage Channel, Galvanised Grating & Clips B CLARK07 £11.45
50mm Round Offset Bend Channel End Cap B CLARK02 £3.64
50mm Round Shoe Channel Debris Trap B CLARK03 £0.80
 68mm/50mm Adaptor 250ml Silicone Lubricant   SC966 £5.66