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170mm Highflo

170mm Highflo
170mm Highflo

Image Product Colour Code  
Half Round gutter

170mm Highflo Gutter 4m Length

WGB R515  
Half Round gutter 170mm Highflo Union Bracket WGB R42  
half round fascia bracket 170mm Highflo Fascia Bracket (2 Screws) WGB R452  
half round external gutter angle 170mm Highflo 90dg External Gutter Angle WGB R451  
 Half Round Running Outlet 170mm Highflo Running Outlet WGB R454  
 Half Round External Stopend 170mm Highflo Stopend Outlet WGB R454  
170mm Highflo External Stopend WGB R402  
 50mm Round Downpipe 2m Length 110mm Round Downpipe 3.0 m Length WGBV S505  
50mm Round Downpipe 2m Length 110mm Round Downpipe 4.0m Length WGBV S506  
 50mm Round Downpipe Connector 110mm Round Downpipe Connector WGBV S208  
110mm Round Downpipe Clip (1 Screw) WGBV S217  
110mm Round Downpipe Clip (2 Screws) WGBV S219  
110mm Round Downpipe 112.5dg Offset Bend WGBV S270  
110mm Round Downpipe Shoe WGBV S266  

110 Round Downpipe Access Pipe WGBV S309  
 110mm Soil to 50mm Waste Adaptor 110mm Hopper Head WGB R465  


Drain Leaf Guard (accepts rainwater pipes up to 110mm) B DS500