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170mm Highflo

170mm Highflo
170mm Highflo

Image Product Colour Code Price
Half Round gutter

170mm Highflo Gutter 4m Length

WGB R515 £25.27
Half Round gutter 170mm Highflo Union Bracket WGB R42 £3.27
half round fascia bracket 170mm Highflo Fascia Bracket (2 Screws) WGB R452 £1.96
half round external gutter angle 170mm Highflo 90dg External Gutter Angle WGB R451 £8.23
 Half Round Running Outlet 170mm Highflo Running Outlet WGB R454 £6.32
 Half Round External Stopend 170mm Highflo Stopend Outlet WGB R455 £6.01
170mm Highflo External Stopend WGB R402 £2.83
 50mm Round Downpipe 2m Length 110mm Round Downpipe 3.0 m Length WGBV S505 £17.37
50mm Round Downpipe 2m Length 110mm Round Downpipe 4.0m Length WGBV S506 £24.60
 50mm Round Downpipe Connector 110mm Round Downpipe Connector WGBV S208 £4.80
110mm Round Downpipe Clip (1 Screw) WGBV S217 £1.77
110mm Round Downpipe Clip (2 Screws) WGBV S219 £1.85
110mm Round Downpipe 112.5dg Offset Bend WGBV S270 £10.73
110mm Round Downpipe Shoe WGBV S266 £7.79
110 Round Downpipe Access Pipe WGBV S309 £16.83
 110mm Soil to 50mm Waste Adaptor 110mm Hopper Head WGB R465 £22.30
Drain Leaf Guard (accepts rainwater pipes up to 110mm) B DS500 £4.88