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125mm Regency

125mm Regency
125mm Regency

Image Product Colour Code    
Half Round gutter 125mm Regency Gutter 4m Length WBV R896    
half union bracket

125mm  Regency Union Bracket

WBV R908    
half round fascia bracket 125mm Regency Fascia Bracket WBV R910    
125mm Regency 90dg External Gutter Angle WBV R935    
125mm Regency 135dg External Gutter Angle WBV R937    
Half Round 90dg Internal Gutter Angle 125mm Regency 90dg Internal Gutter Angle WBV R945    
125mm Regency 135dg Internal Gutter Angle WBV R947    
 Half Round Running Outlet 125mm Regency Running Outlet WBV R911    
125mm Regency External Stopend (RH) WBV R913    
  125mm Regency Internal Stopend (LH) WBV R902    
50mm Round Downpipe 2m Length 74mm Regency Downpipe 4.0m Length WBV R893    
 50mm Round Downpipe Connector 74mm Regency Downpipe Connector WBV R917    
74mm Regency Downpipe Clip (2 Screws) WBV R919    
74mm Regency Downpipe 112.5dg Offset Bend WBV R920    
74mm Regency Downpipe Branch WBV R922    
74mm Regency Downpipe Shoe WBV R921    
50mm Round Offset Bend Multi-Positional Outlet WBV R400    
 50mm Round Shoe 74mm Regency to 68mm Adaptor WBV R924    
4m Twister Gutter Brush B/W TWISTER    
Drain Leaf Guard (accepts rainwater pipes up to 110mm) B DS500    
   Compact Rainwater Gully  B DS42    
125mm Regency Rise & Fall Bracket Galv R909    
  Top Rafter Bracket Galv R15    
  Side Rafter Bracket Galv R16