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125mm Regency

125mm Regency
125mm Regency

Image Product Colour Code Price
Half Round gutter 125mm Regency Gutter 4m Length WBV R896 £16.08
half union bracket

125mm  Regency Union Bracket

WBV R908 £4.25
half round fascia bracket 125mm Regency Fascia Bracket WBV R910 £1.59
125mm Regency 90dg External Gutter Angle WBV R935 £5.35
125mm Regency 135dg External Gutter Angle WBV R937 £5.84
Half Round 90dg Internal Gutter Angle 125mm Regency 90dg Internal Gutter Angle WBV R945 £5.34
125mm Regency 135dg Internal Gutter Angle WBV R947 £5.84
 Half Round Running Outlet 125mm Regency Running Outlet WBV R911 £5.69
125mm Regency External Stopend (RH) WBV R913 £2.18
  125mm Regency Internal Stopend (LH) WBV R902 £1.24
50mm Round Downpipe 2m Length 74mm Regency Downpipe 4.0m Length WBV R893 £18.09
 50mm Round Downpipe Connector 74mm Regency Downpipe Connector WBV R917 £4.25
74mm Regency Downpipe Clip (2 Screws) WBV R919 £1.73
74mm Regency Downpipe 112.5dg Offset Bend WBV R920 £3.69
74mm Regency Downpipe Branch WBV R922 £10.77
74mm Regency Downpipe Shoe WBV R921 £3.49
50mm Round Offset Bend Multi-Positional Outlet WBV R400 £2.97
 50mm Round Shoe 74mm Regency to 68mm Adaptor WBV R924 £3.44
4m Twister Gutter Brush B/W TWISTER £14.17
Drain Leaf Guard (accepts rainwater pipes up to 110mm) B DS500 £4.88
   Compact Rainwater Gully  B DS42 £14.71
125mm Regency Rise & Fall Bracket Galv R909 £3.85
  Top Rafter Bracket Galv R15 £2.74
  Side Rafter Bracket Galv R16 £2.74